Welcome to Beyond Soy

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

We are two 20-something's (Ashley and Tom) who are trying to navigate a soy-free life. Our soy-free life isn't just a health kick; it's a necessity.


For several years Ashley struggled with chronic pain. After years of trying different medicines and visiting doctors we decided to check for food allergies or intolerances. To our surprise, we discovered Ashley was soy intolerant. We scoured the Internet for resources, information, and tips and tricks for living with a soy intolerance and, unfortunately, we couldn’t find very much. Any information about being soy-free was scattered and difficult to compile.

Beyond Soy is meant to be what we couldn't find: a resource to provide a comprehensive look at living with a soy intolerance. We'll tell you the things we've learned along the way and our goal is to help you to live a soy-free life without adding unnecessary burdens.

We are normal people: we shop at the normal grocery store and we don't make everything from scratch. While health is the driving factor for our soy-free lifestyle, convenience is also important to us. Much of the soy-free information that we did find during our research seemed way too hard to follow. There were plenty of suggestions for home-made everything, but we felt overwhelmed. Instead of spending all day grinding flour to bake our own bread, we wanted to just buy soy-free bread.

We’ll tell you our tips and tricks and what we’ve learned in trying to life with a soy intolerance. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!