When We Get Busy, We Eat Fewer Vegetables

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When Ashley and I get busy, we eat fewer vegetables.

Vegetables are an indicator of how well we are eating and how much we are cooking. We often cook at home both because we enjoy it and because it is an easy way to avoid soy. But cooking at home doesn't mean that we always eat healthy, well-rounded meals



As life gets busier our cooking simplifies and we cut out the variety in our meals. Instead of making a diverse meal with several food groups (think: BBQ chicken, rice, and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts), we make just BBQ chicken (and maybe some rice too). We start narrowing down our options and only cook one thing for meals. Vegetables, it seems, are the first things to get cut. It isn't any harder to avoid soy when we cook like this (since all the food we make is soy-free), but it does remove some of the benefits of cooking at home (vegetables are healthy!!). Cooking can start to feel like a chore, and avoiding soy can feel like a burden.

When Ashley and I stop eating vegetables, it is a good reminder that we should slow down a bit, cook a full meal, and enjoy our time together. Even when life gets busy, taking the time to intentionally make and eat a well-balanced meal is worth it.