Wine & Cheese Wednesday

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

About this time last year, Ashley and I decided to try something new. We wanted to spend more intentional time with each other (and we also knew that we liked wine and cheese). So, we began a weekly tradition that we called Wine & Cheese Wednesday: every Wednesday we open a bottle of wine and enjoy some cheese and crackers. We take time out of our day to have a conversation while we try new types of cheeses and new varieties of wine.



Wine and cheese are both easy foods for us. They are always soy-free and, since we’ve never had a problem with them, we feel comfortable experimenting and trying new varieties. Finding soy-free crackers was a little more challenging, but still doable. While most crackers contain soy, soy-free options can be found with a little persistence -- which means reading through lots of ingredient labels in the grocery store. We tend to buy a variety of different crackers week-to-week, but Carr’s and Wellington are some of our favorites. We also regularly check the imports section of our grocery store to check for new soy-free varieties because European crackers tend to use canola oil instead of the soybean oil commonly found in crackers in the US.

Over the last year Ashley and I have tried some great wine and some not-great wine, and we’ve eaten some tasty cheese... and some pretty bad cheese. Through it all, we’ve had a chance to relax with each other in an easily soy-free environment.  As we approach the winter season, I encourage you to take time to slow down. Start your own Wine & Cheese Wednesday tradition to spend intentional time with a friend or loved one.