Someone Famous Avoided Soy?!?!

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As we often discuss, avoiding soy can be difficult because soy is in many foods, and there is often relatively little information available about being soy-free. Since soy-free diets aren’t common, it can be difficult to identify a food that is soy-free. Contrast this with avoiding gluten where many restaurants and foods proudly display a “gluten-free” label, making it easier for people to identify foods that are safely gluten-free. Soy isn’t there yet, but we hope that it will be as awareness grows. Here is a great example of how a diet that includes avoiding soy can gain a little attention.

Last summer, actress Blake Lively discussed avoiding gluten and soy in preparation for filming The Shallows. Her comments in the interview illustrate both the benefits (“Once you remove soy, you realize you’re eating no processed foods”) and the difficulty (“then you realize, there’s soy in everything… even if it’s healthy, Whole Foods-organic stuff, there’s always soy in it”) of avoiding soy. 



Even though her reason for avoiding soy is different than ours, it’s cool to see a celebrity talking about some of the challenges (and benefits) of avoiding soy. She even mentions the difficulty of having to skip food that the rest of the cast and crew ate. While avoiding soy as part of a diet is a bit different from what we usually talk about, the visibility and acceptance of this practice make it that much easier to avoid soy in future situations.

As a soy-free diet becomes more common, it will get easier to be soy-free. Even if you aren’t one to discuss what Blake Lively is doing with her diet, making the people around you aware of soy (and its commonality) is key to making soy-free living as easy as possible. You can be open about how and why you avoid soy to make it a bit easier each day.