An Unexpected Soy-Free Snack

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Just as soy can sometimes show up unexpectedly as an ingredient in some foods, some types of food can also be unexpectedly soy-free. These unexpected soy-free foods are some of the reasons why eating soy-free isn’t necessarily the same as eating healthy. We try to cook at home and eat a lot of fresh food to make it a bit easier to avoid soy but also don’t shy away from eating the processed foods that are soy-free. Chips, both corn chips and potato chips, are a great example of unexpectedly soy-free processed foods.



Surprisingly, both corn chips and potato chips are largely soy free! Always check the ingredients, since it is possible to find chips that contain soy, but more often than not they are safely soy-free. Both corn chips and potato chips have a limited number of ingredients, which makes it easier to determine that they are soy-free. For potato chips, soy can be introduced via the frying oil, which is sometimes soybean oil but usually canola oil or palm oil. This makes potato chips a great soy-free option.

Since chips are almost always soy-free, they are a great option for shared food situations (think: road trip snacks) and a great thing to bring to a potluck or a party (this also ensures that there will be something there that you can eat). Also, since chips are found nearly everywhere, they are a great option to look for when much of the food available contains soy. You can find some soy-free chips at nearly any convenience store or grocery store you visit. Knowing that chips are almost always soy-free allows us to snack safely, even when it feels like almost all processed food contains soy. So, snack away with soy-free potato chips and corn chips!