A Soy-Free Snack: Pro Bars

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One of the things we struggle most with eating soy-free is finding soy-free snacks, especially something that is pre-packaged. At home it is pretty easy to scrounge something to eat during the afternoon, but finding soy-free snacks to eat on-the-go is challenging. Most snack foods are pre-packaged and/or processed which greatly increases the chances that they contain soy. While we do make some easy-to-grab snacks (like trail mix) on occasion, it always feels harder than it should to find something that is quick to grab and easy to eat on-the-go.

Image via pixabay

Image via pixabay

After we discovered that she was soy intolerant, Ashley and I searched for some easy-to-grab soy-free snacks. We really enjoy getting out of the house and wanted to find a granola bar-like-food that was safe for Ashley to eat and easy to throw in a bag for the day.

Enter Pro Bars. We first found these bars at REI, but they can be found in most grocery stores. While they are a little expensive, many flavors are soy-free! (CAUTION: as near as we can tell, pro bars are not explicitly soy-free so it isn't guaranteed that every pro bar flavor will be soy free. Especially watch out for the ones with chocolate, since most chocolate contains soy.)

These bars are great to throw in your bag, purse, or backpack to make sure that you have a snack. Ashley usually keeps one in her purse so she has some food available in case she goes to a place with provided food that she can't eat. Even after having found Pro Bars, we are still looking for (and still struggling to find) a variety of portable snack foods that are soy-free.