What to do about Soy Sauce?

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You might be tempted to think that no more soy also means no more soy sauce. Coconut Aminos to the rescue--this non-soy version of soy sauce saved Asian cooking in our house!

Coconut Aminos is a replacement for soy sauce. (necessary since, as you might have guessed, soy sauce contains soy.) Coconut Aminos is made from coconut and is quite similar in all respects to soy sauce. It has a similar taste, is similarly salty, and even looks and cooks the same!

We use Coconut Aminos as a soy-free soy sauce to make Asian-style sauces and also as a dipping sauce with homemade sushi. We'll share our experience with homemade sushi in a future post - it isn't that hard and is quite tasty! Coconut Aminos is a great substitute for soy sauce. It does cost a bit more than soy sauce, but it isn't that much more expensive; since we don't cook with it every day that helps, too. 

image via pixabay

image via pixabay

Before we knew that Coconut Aminos existed, Ashley and I both felt strangely diet restricted. Even though we didn't cook Asian food that often, the necessity of being soy-free felt like an entire culture of food was out of the question. Now, we feel much less restricted and are confident in cooking Asian dishes.

Asian food is still restrictive: we can't get takeout and eating out is really difficult (like the time we went to a Korean restaurant in NYC and Ashley could only eat raw vegetables), but we don't feel nearly as constrained as we used to since we can cook at home using Coconut Aminos. While you can find this item in a health food/vitamin store, we have found it in most standard grocery stores (where it's typically cheaper, too).