Soy-Free Chocolate Does Exist!

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

When people learn that Ashley and I avoid eating soy, they often ask us for the most surprising item that contains soy. Without a doubt, our answer is always chocolate. Who would have thought that chocolate contains soy? Not us! But, in fact, most chocolate (including both chocolate bars and chocolate chips) contains soy lecithin.

Image via pixabay

Image via pixabay

But, it isn’t all bad news, since some chocolate is soy-free. Always remember to read the ingredient labels—you can find some chocolate bars that use sunflower lecithin (or even things like cocoa butter). Fancier chocolates tend to be more likely to be soy-free (this is by no means guaranteed). Similarly, cheaper chocolate is much more likely to use soy lecithin.

Our go-to, soy-free chocolate bar is from Trader Joe’s (be careful since not all Trader Joe's chocolate is soy-free). For chocolate chips, we use Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels.

While the presence of soy lecithin spoils many perfectly good chocolate bars, you can rest assured that with a little digging you'll be able to enjoy some soy-free chocolate!