Soy Products That Aren't Food

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Today’s post is just a quick note to discuss soy in non-food products like lotions.

This is an area where we don’t have a lot of experience. There have been a couple of times when Ashley has intentionally not purchased an item because it contained soy, but we really don’t know if that would have been a problem. It isn’t easy to tell how she would react to something like a soy-based lotion. Since we’ve never used it, we really can’t say whether non-food products that contain soy need to be avoided or not.



This is a situation that can be different between an intolerance and an allergy. With an intolerance, Ashley won’t have a serious, life-threatening effect and we might be willing to try something that contains soy. With a life-threatening allergy, you’d need to be a lot more careful about coming into contact with soy and need to avoid it entirely. We choose to avoid soy in non-food products out of caution, but we haven’t had any negative experiences to illustrate that this is a necessity.