Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

We’ve previously talked about how difficult it can be to find soy-free granola bars. ProBars are a great option, as are homemade fruit and nut bars, but it can still feel challenging to find a grab-and-go snack to throw in your backpack for later (or bring as a backup snack). When we find a new soy-free option, we make sure to pass the information along. This past week, we found a new soy-free granola bar option: Larabars!



Larabars are very simple granola bars. Most flavors only have fruit and nuts as ingredients and contain no oil at all. Some flavors do contain natural flavors, which we try to avoid because they sometimes contain soy protein, but there are several flavors to choose from that are guaranteed to be soy-free. They even say “soy-free” on the packaging! How great is that? Larabars are pretty common, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a flavor that you like in a store by you (we found them at our grocery store). 

Since eating the same flavor of granola bar over and over again can be tedious, the more flavors and types of soy-free bars that we can find, the better. We’ll keep telling you when we find more grab-and-go snacks that are soy-free to increase the variety of soy-free bars available to you!