Elimination Diet Snacks

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When doing an elimination diet, you remove as many types of food as possible from your diet for several weeks before adding them back in one at a time. When we did our elimination diet we ate nuts, vegetables, meat, and fruit for about two weeks, and then slowly added in different types of food. During those two weeks we planned our meals to make it easier to cook, and we also made sure to have some easy snacks available. Snacking without a plan is an easy way to mess up an elimination diet. By making sure to have a couple of snack options available, we were able to keep to the elimination diet and didn’t just grab something of the shelf to eat when we were hungry.



Elimination diet-friendly snacks are difficult to find, especially if you aren’t used to a limited diet. Planning ahead of time to have some snack foods available will keep you on track. Here are some snack options that can be used during an elimination diet:

  • Baby carrots
  • Slices of bell pepper
  • Celery sticks
  • Apple slices
  • Peaches
  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon
  • Nuts (don't eat nuts if you are testing them with your elimination diet)
  • Dried fruit (make sure nothing is added)
  • Fruit smoothies (just fruit and ice - don’t add yogurt or other dairy products!)


During our elimination diet we ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. A good rule of thumb for elimination diet snacking is to only shop in the produce section for snacks, and don’t buy anything that is wrapped in plastic. For example, beef jerky may seem like a good snack, but it almost always contains soy. Be careful to read the ingredient list to make sure that there aren’t any ingredients you don’t expect.

At first, we felt very restricted by our elimination diet. Meals felt do-able since we had planned them, but snack foods were challenging to find/figure out and planning for them was difficult. To combat this, we made sure to have several varieties of snacks available all the time so we could always find something to eat. Ultimately, by the end of the elimination diet we had changed our mindset to “let’s find what foods we can safely eat” instead of the negative “let’s figure out what foods we can’t eat”. We not only made it through, but to this day we still enjoy snacks of nuts, fruit, and some vegetables (that being said, we also enjoy snacking on things like potato chips).