6 Ways to Avoid Soy When Traveling

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In some of our previous posts, we’ve given strategies for avoiding soy while traveling including how to get a soy-free in-flight meal, and even how to check for soy in a foreign grocery store. Today we are talking about something a little more daunting: how do you avoid soy while traveling when you don’t know your itinerary? What if you are flying standby, or don’t know when your next meal is?

Ashley and I are planning to go on a vacation this summer, but we will be flying standby to get there. (And we also don’t have a plan once we get to our destination!) Since we don’t know when we’ll be traveling, or where exactly we are headed, we can’t plan ahead for soy-free meals. We’ll be picking soy-free options on the fly, so here is how we plan to do it:



1. We plan to bring tons of soy-free snacks! We aren’t sure when we will be flying. Rather than relying on airport food and in-flight food, we will bring plenty of packable soy-free snacks. This should get us through our travel days and to our destination. If you are traveling internationally, be sure to check customs regulations before you leave and only bring food that you are able to bring into the other country.  Also, if you are flying, remember to keep your food in your carry-on! You want that soy-free food to be accessible during the flight.

2. We’ll try for a gluten-free in-flight meal (or eat what we can from the meal we can get). Usually specific in-flight meals need to be requested at least 24 hours in advance. We won’t be able to do that, so we’ll ask if they have anything gluten-free available on the plane (gluten-free meals are likely to have the most soy-free food). If not, we’ll share our meals with each other: Ashley will eat all the soy-free items from both our meals and I’ll eat the rest (we’ll also supplement the meals with some of our soy-free snacks if needed).

3. We will visit the grocery store as soon as we arrive. One of the first things we’ll do when we get to our destination is visit the grocery store. This allows us to check for soy in common foods and also stock up on soy-free snacks for our trip.



4. Every night, we’ll make a rough plan for the next day’s meals. While the trip itself is pretty unplanned, once we arrive we’ll do some tentative planning. We won’t pick specific restaurants, but will try to identify any food limitations we’ll experience. This helps us prep for any potentially challenging meals that come out of our vacation plans. For example, a couple of years ago, we ate lunch in Switzerland at a revolving restaurant accessible only by cable car. The restaurant had a limited menu, so we looked it up in advance before deciding to eat there.

5. Using information from our grocery store scouting trip, we’ll pick meals at restaurants that are likely to be soy-free (and we’ll ask about ingredients when we aren’t sure)!

6. We’ll forgive ourselves if we make a mistake! Mistakes happen. If we accidentally eat soy during our trip, we’ll take time to recover and we won’t beat ourselves up over it.

Hopefully, these strategies will let us have a great soy-free vacation, in spite of the unknowns of this kind of travel. Do you have any strategies of your own? We’ll be sure to update you on how it went!