Soy at a Baseball Game

What are the soy free options at a baseball game? Is America’s pastime a soy-free environment?

At a baseball game (or any sporting event for that matter), the stadium food isn’t going to the highest quality, and the soy-free options may be limited. That being said, with a little planning it is possible to find soy-free food at the game. We often eat the stadium food when we go to a game, but we also bring a backup snack just in case our food options are limited.



We’ve listed some common stadium foods below. Eat smart and enjoy the game!

  • Peanuts in the shell should be safe to eat. Avoid roasted peanuts since they are usually roasted in soybean oil.
  • Hot dogs & Hamburgers are okay to eat, but the bun probably has soy
  • Nachos are okay, but be cautious about the cheese because it may have some oil in it (we’d probably risk it since things like Velveeta are soy-free)
  • Drink cider, but we recommend avoiding beer
  • Don’t drink the lemonade (it can have soy lecithin in it)
  • Cotton Candy is probably okay, but we usually avoid it because it contains natural flavorings (we don't know if natural flavorings cause Ashley to react or not)
  • Be careful of the “fancier” stadium food. Watch for breads, butter, oils, and chocolate and remember that most bulk or processed food will contain soy.