Some Beer Will Soon List Ingredients!

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Some very interesting news came out a few weeks ago: some beer manufacturers are going to be labeling their products with an ingredient list soon!

Several months ago we discussed soy in beer, wine, and cider and identified that Ashley has exhibited symptoms of her soy intolerance after drinking certain brands of beer. In that article we recommended choosing wine or cider over beer since we couldn’t figure out what in beer could be causing the problem. Soy shouldn’t be an ingredient in beer, and we couldn’t think of a reason why Ashley should be having a reaction from beer. One of the longstanding challenges with alcohol is that it doesn’t have an ingredient list. Since alcohol is regulated differently than food, it isn’t required to provide a list of ingredients and we could never be certain that any beer was soy-free. 



We’ve identified a couple of beers that don’t seem to cause a problem with Ashley’s soy intolerance and a couple that do, so I’m very interested to see the ingredients in different types of beer. It is very possible that no beer contains soy, and instead some of the ingredients are similar enough to soy to cause a problem. (We’ve run into a similar situation with chickpeas and lentils.) Or maybe, some beer contains natural flavorings, which can contain soy protein.

However it turns out, I’m glad that we’ll have more information about the ingredients of the food and drink that we consume. Better knowledge of what we are eating helps us to avoid accidentally eating soy and reduces the situations where we need to guess about a particular food’s ingredients. I look forward to learning about the ingredients in popular beers and comparing craft beer to more mass-produced options. We’ll be sure to let you know what we find!