Be Careful With Salad Dressing!

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Today’s post is a quick public service announcement: Please don’t put salad dressing on a salad ahead of time unless you are sure that everyone can eat it!

While salad is a great soy-free food, salad dressing almost always contains soy (and often gluten!). Keeping the dressing separate from the salad (even if there is only one dressing option) makes it easier for people to avoid ingredients that may be in the dressing but not in the salad. If dressing has already been added to the salad it is no longer soy-free and some people may not be able to eat it. Adding dressing on the salad ahead of time isn’t necessary and can limit the soy-free food available.

It is easy to keep the dressing separate, so please, for the benefit of people with food requirements: keep the salad dressing off the salad.