Identifying Soy in a Weird Way

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

We recognize that this is a little strange, but sometimes Ashley can identify that something she is eating contains soy, even when she can’t taste the soy. How does she do this? She recognizes that the food tastes really, really good.



On multiple occasions Ashley has correctly predicted that a food contains soy just by tasting it. While she is eating it, she remarks that it tastes incredible, almost too good. Then, we check the ingredient list and sure enough soy or soybean oil is listed. Finally, a couple hours later the usual symptoms start to appear which gives us confirmation that she indeed ate soy. This could just be a bias based on a couple of times when we’ve guessed right. We’ve tried to research this phenomenon online to see if this experience is accurate, but unfortunately our research has come up dry. We could just be making it up, but I think that Ashley is able to recognize when her body is beginning to react.

We use this information when we look back to try and identify what food Ashley ate that contained soy. If she feels bad, sometimes she can remember that a food tasted really good in the moment. We use this food as a starting point when investigating the ingredients to track down the soy that she ate. 

Whether this is a real phenomenon or not, we use it as a starting point to investigate foods, and we always back it up with facts by checking ingredients of the food.