Surprisingly Soy-Free Foods

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Here at Beyond Soy we discuss a lot of foods that contain soy. Identifying foods that should be avoided is a vital part of eating soy-free. Focusing on everything that can contain soy can make it feel like soy is in everything (especially pre-packaged foods), but that is not actually true!

Some foods don’t contain soy (or very rarely have it). These soy-free foods can be great choices at restaurants, snack foods, or meal options for friends and family. While these foods are frequently soy-free, we always recommend checking the ingredients whenever possible to verify that soy is not present.



Foods that are (surprisingly) often soy-free:

  • Lasagna - Noodles, sauce, cheese, and sometimes ground beef… nothing that contains soy here!
  • Potato Chips (and Corn Chips) - We’ve previously written about how potato chips are often soy-free. Be sure to check the ingredients since some brands/flavors do contain soy, but chips can be a great soy-free snack.
  • Tacos - Tacos with corn tortillas are almost always soy-free. Standard taco ingredients (meat, cheese, salsa, guac, sour cream, veggies, etc.) tend to be soy-free. Watch out for marinated meat, veggies sautéed in vegetable oil, fried fish, and the tortilla.
  • Sausage - There are a lot of preservatives and ingredients in sausage, but it is almost always soy-free. Be sure to check the ingredients for artificial flavors that might include soy.
  • Pretzels - While soy is common in many types of bread, pretzels are frequently soy-free. We aren’t sure why this is, but we definitely take advantage of this wonderful happenstance! Be sure to check the ingredients because it is possible for pretzels to contain soy.
  • BBQ - BBQ tends to be soy-free. At its core, BBQ has relatively few ingredients (meat, spices, BBQ sauce) and none them usually contain soy. Watch out for marinades, any breads or buns, and check the BBQ sauce to be cautious; otherwise BBQ is usually soy-free.