A Slight Difficulty of Being Soy-Free

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Sometimes, living and eating soy-free can be more challenging than it feels like it should be, but not for the reasons you might think. Sometimes, something that can be easily avoided contributes to making it just a little bit harder to be soy-free. Here is a quick story of a recent experince of ours that perfectly illustrates this sort of unpredictable problem:



Around the holidays, we were in the grocery store shopping for ingredients for Christmas cookies. We wanted to purchase some sprinkles to decorate the cookies we were planning to make. We were looking for plenty of variety of different colors and types and, since sprinkles can contain soy, we checked the ingredients of each one. Some types contained soy, so we put them back, and some were soy-free, so we put them in our basket. As we went down the row of sprinkles, we came to a bottle of white sprinkles. We attempted to check the ingredients and realized that we couldn’t read it! The bottle was clear, the sprinkles inside were white, and the ingredient list was printed in white ink. The white text on a white background of sprinkles was completely unreadable! We checked a couple of other bottles of the same type (none of the ingredients were readable) and ultimately had to leave those sprinkles on the shelf not because they contained soy, but because we were unable to check the ingredients at all.

This is a great example of something that makes living and eating soy-free needlessly more challenging. Ultimately, this event wasn’t a deal breaker. It didn’t ruin our plans. We just had to be flexible and opt for other varieties of sprinkles for our cookies. But it was frustrating, and it can easily feel like this sort of problem just shouldn’t happen. When it does happen, stay focused on the things you can control, and make sure that you only choose soy-free food as much as possible, not “probably soy-free” food.