Soy-Free Stocking Stuffers

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One of the small joys of this season is finding treats in your stocking on Christmas morning. Stocking stuffers are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face. However, stocking stuffers are frequently food items and, unfortunately, many of them contain soy. But the good news is that there are plenty of soy-free stocking stuffer options out there to keep that holiday joy alive! Here are just a few ideas:

There are plenty of soy-free stocking stuffers available - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

There are plenty of soy-free stocking stuffers available - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

  • Candy canes are soy-free! Throw a few into a stocking to provide a Christmasy treat!
  • Peeps tend to be soy-free (check the ingredients and watch out for any chocolate), so they can be a fun item to include in a stocking. There are plenty of holiday-themed peeps to choose from!
  • While most chocolate contains soy, it is possible to find soy-free chocolate bars. Including a few of these chocolate bars is extra special for someone who can’t enjoy most chocolate. If you are feeling especially decadent, give them a soy-free peanut butter cup.
  • Less-common candy (think: lemon drops, or jelly beans) that is soy-free can also be a fun item in a soy-free stocking. Since it is unexpected, it can be a fun surprise to open and enjoy.

Stockings stuffers don’t need to contain soy, and you shouldn’t feel constrained by a soy-free requirement. With a bit of searching, soy-free stocking stuffers can bring tons of joy to the special person in your life. Merry Christmas!