Soy-Free Meatballs

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Meatballs tend to contain soy because the bread they use almost always contains soy. As a result, we choose sausage or meat sauce with our pasta and avoid meatballs. While we’ve had some friends make homemade soy-free meatballs in the past, we haven’t ever found them available for purchase in the store. 

These Johnsonville meatballs are soy-free! - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

These Johnsonville meatballs are soy-free! - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

Recently, a friend wanted to serve meatballs and happened to read through the ingredients of several varieties in the store. Since she knows Ashley can’t eat soy, she was looking for a soy-free option. During her search she found that Johnsonville Italian meatballs are soy-free! We haven’t actually cooked with these ourselves yet, but it is so nice to know they are available.

This is a great option for when we cook at home (or when other people cook for us), but doesn’t solve the problem that restaurant meatballs are likely to contain soy. We still don’t choose meatballs when we eat out, but we love having a soy-free option to eat at home!