A Non-Food Use For Soybean Oil

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Maybe soybean oil isn’t all bad?

Graphene is a material made entirely from carbon atoms. It can conduct electricity and heat and is stronger than steel. It's one of those materials that is predicted to have a huge impact on a wide variety of industries (think everything from computer chips to water filtration). Currently, graphene is very difficult to make, but Australian scientists have discovered a process for making graphene using soybean oil. This new process appears to be simpler and safer than other graphene manufacturing methods.



Hopefully, a manufacturing process that uses soybean oil as an input (for graphene or any other product) won’t increase the quantity of soy production around the world. Instead, existing soybean production could shift to support the new process and foods that rely on soy will explore alternative ingredients, like canola oil.

If graphene does have its predicted influence on the world, and if soybean oil is a vital ingredient in its manufacture, the world could shift away from soy as a processed food ingredient. This could have profound impacts on our food supply and our food's ingredients!