Inhalers Can Contain Soy!

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Did you know that inhalers can contain soy lecithin?!?!? It’s true! Inhalers that are commonly prescribed for asthma can contain soy lecithin.



While this seems like a serious problem (especially for people with a soy allergy), the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology states that these inhalers are safe for use, even by patients with allergies. Essentially, the quantities of soy present are so small that no allergic reaction is expected. For those with a soy intolerance, the effect is less certain. Because the quantities are too small for an allergic reaction, there shouldn’t be enough soy to cause any intolerance issues. Additionally, because the medicine is going into your lungs and not your digestive tract, theoretically the soy lecithin in an inhaler shouldn’t cause any problems. However, after using an inhaler with soy lecithin, there may be some residual soy in your throat or mouth that could get picked up by food. My guess is that using an inhaler with soy lecithin wouldn’t cause any intolerance problems, but we just don’t know.

Similar to soy in other non-food products, this is a situation where we just don’t have the information to know what could be an issue without actually testing it out.