Soy-Free Peanut Butter

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Soy-free peanut butter can be surprisingly complicated. At its most basic level, peanut butter is crushed peanuts with a little bit of oil to make it smooth. As you might guess, it makes sense to use peanut oil, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

Peanut butters do frequently use peanut oil, but they use other types of oil too, including soybean oil. As a general rule of thumb, the more processed the peanut butter seems, the more likely it is to use soybean oil. Of course, at some level all peanut butter is processed, so this rule of thumb can break down pretty quickly, but it can give you a decent idea of where to start reading the ingredients (e.g., regular Skippy uses soybean oil, but Skippy Naturals uses palm oil). It is also worth noting that more expensive peanut butter is more likely to be soy-free.



When compared to other products, it is fairly easy to find soy-free peanut butter. Remember to always read the ingredients to confirm it is soy-free. With peanut butter in particular, don’t give up on a brand just because one of their varieties contains soy. Most brands use soy in some of their types of peanut butter but also offer soy-free varieties. If you are struggling to find soy-free peanut butter, try Peter Pan, Skippy Naturals, Trader Joe’s, or even Whole Foods varieties. 

We always keep some soy-free peanut butter in the house. Not only does it keep for a very long time, it makes for a great soy-free snack and allows us to whip up easy soy-free sandwiches for lunches too.