Is Coffee Soy-Free?

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Coffee is soy-free! Feel free to enjoy coffee to your heart’s desire. While it’s always a good idea to check the ingredient label, I’ve never seen any type of coffee that contains soy. Instant, ground, or whole bean—they all seem to always be soy-free.



This isn’t to say that all coffee beverages are soy-free. While the coffee itself is soy-free, anything you add to it might not be. Soy milk is an obvious thing to avoid, but non-dairy creamer also contains soy (soybean oil and/or soy lecithin). And even though coffee is a great soy-fee option, Starbucks can be a very tricky place to avoid soy.

If coffee isn’t your thing, it can be difficult to have a soy-free hot beverage. Tea can contain soy lecithin and some hot chocolate contains soybean oil. It is possible to find soy-free varieties of both, but always read the ingredient label to make sure. Hot apple cider is always soy-free, but it isn’t as easy to find as other beverages.

Coffee is an easy option (if you like the taste!), but there are plenty of soy-free drinks available if you take time to read the ingredient list.