A Subtle Ingredient Change

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

A few days ago, Ashley remarked to me in the grocery store that the she feels like lots of food are getting “healthier”. It seems like more and more foods are using fewer artificial ingredients and we are seeing “soy-free” pop up on more and more labels. We have no hard evidence to back this up, but anecdotally this seems true. While it’s always been possible to find soy-free items as specialty products or as “extreme health foods”, it feels like more “regular” foods are using fewer ingredients and are appearing to be less processed.



I recognize that this could completely be our perception and not actual reality. We may have just gotten better at spotting soy-free foods, or maybe our grocery store has started carrying more soy-free products, but I think that the ingredient lists that we have been reading lately are listing more real ingredients and fewer long, unpronounceable items.

I’m reminded of a story from about a year ago regarding Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (or Kraft Dinner for all you Canadians out there). Kraft wanted to change the ingredients in its boxed macaroni and cheese to move away from using artificial flavorings. Fearing customer backlash from any change in taste (perceived or real), Kraft quietly changed the ingredients, sold the new product for months, and then told everyone that the ingredients had changed. They had months of proof that the taste was still great and their product now uses real spices instead of artificial preservatives. What I love about this story is that a huge company is pushing to use more real ingredients in their food because they actually want to use better ingredients. They didn’t highlight the change in ingredients as a publicity move, so it feels like a genuine step that the company took to offer a healthier product by using spices in lieu of artificial ingredients. 

As fans of more soy-free options (and healthy eating in general), we hope that more foods follow this trend throughout the grocery store. Happy healthy eating!