Soy-Free S'mores

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Almost nothing tastes like summer more than a s’more. Ashley and I love to escape to nature during the summer. The gooey marshmallow, slightly melted chocolate, and crisp graham cracker combine in just the right way to create the perfect end to a summer day in the campground. But how hard is it to make a soy-free s’more?



This one is easy since marshmallows are soy-free! Check the ingredients to be sure, but since they are essentially just sugar and air, we’ve never seen marshmallows that Ashley couldn’t eat.

Most chocolate contains soy lecithin, which Ashley avoids. Soy lecithin isn’t required to be identified as an allergen, so make sure to read the entire ingredient list when picking out a chocolate bar. Soy lecithin can be found in chocolates of all quality from Hershey’s to fancy Belgian chocolate. That being said, we’ve found several different bars that are soy-free. Our go-to pick is Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate, but we’ve also seen some free trade chocolate that doesn’t have any soy. It may seem a little strange to be using “fancier” chocolate in a s’more, but it tastes the same and isn’t that much more expensive.

Graham Crackers
Like chocolate, most graham crackers contain soy, usually in the form of soybean oil and/or soy lecithin. At first, it took us a few years to find some soy-free graham crackers, but now they are relatively easy to find. Our favorites are Annie’s Homegrown Organic Honey Graham Crackers. They’ve become pretty common in stores where we live, so we feel spoiled that we can just run out to the store and get them (we used to only be able to find them at Wegmans or Whole Foods).

There you have it: a soy-free end to a summer day. It may take a bit of preparation to find the necessary ingredients (namely the chocolate), but soy-free s’mores can be easy to make. Just don’t burn your marshmallow… or, you know, feel free to if you like it that way.