Soy at the Farmer's Market

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During the summer, this area plays host to several farmer’s markets. These markets offer amazing fresh food that is highly unlikely to be processed. Since choosing fresh, unprocessed food is a good strategy for eliminating soy from your diet, farmer’s markets are a great place to shop for some soy-free options. 

A key component of a farmer’s market is the fresh groceries. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses can all be found for reasonable prices. This food always looks delicious, and, since it is fresh and unprocessed, it is nearly guaranteed to be soy-free! Just like the produce section of the grocery store, the fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market are easy-to-choose options for staying soy-free. Similar to the fruits and vegetables, the meats and cheeses that are found at the farmer’s market are also very likely soy-free. Meat and cheese usually doesn’t contain soy anyway, but at a farmer’s market you’ll see signs like “fed with soy-free feed”. For us, this removes our last concerns that soy might find its way into our meat and makes us feel incredibly comfortable about eating it. If you are feeling adventurous, the farmer’s market is the place to try a new product. If you have questions or concerns there is always someone knowledgeable standing right there. Farmer’s market booth attendants are more than happy to answer your questions—this is what they love to do!

It's easy to find soy-free food at a farmer's market - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

It's easy to find soy-free food at a farmer's market - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Farmer’s markets have more than just groceries; they also offer plenty of food to eat right away. Just like with the groceries, this food is usually fresh and so it can be a great option for a soy-free snack or meal out of the house. There isn’t likely to be any allergy information online for the food you can buy at the farmer's market, so you’ll have to investigate the ingredients as you browse and order. First, check the menus for ingredients. You might not be able to find a list of ingredients posted, but it is worth checking for to help you narrow down the possible soy-free options. Once you’ve narrowed down the options or chosen a particular item, you can kindly ask the booth attendant about the ingredients. Every booth will have someone knowledgeable and ready to help you! They are ready and willing to listen, and they will understand how important it is to avoid a particular ingredient. If their product contains soy, you aren’t completely out of luck as you can move to another booth and ask about a different item. Since the farmer’s market will have plenty of options, there should be something soy-free to eat! 

The farmer’s market provides fresh, unprocessed food, which aligns well with the best practices for avoiding soy. Find your local farmer’s market and consider taking a trip to grab some food, support a local business, and stay soy-free in the summer!