A Box at a Baseball Game

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A few weeks ago, Ashley and I were gifted box seats for a baseball game. We’ve talked before about soy-free food at a baseball game, but how does that change when you are eating in a box?

Eating in a box at any sporting event is essentially eating from a catered food buffet. Since the food is usually set up as a buffet, there likely isn’t anyone who can answer questions about the ingredients. As a result, you’ll need to make decisions about the food based only on the information you have in front of you. While it is definitely possible to have fancier foods at a game, most of the time you can expect “typical” stadium fare. 

Eating in a box is just like eating at a buffet - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Eating in a box is just like eating at a buffet - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

We had the option of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and chicken tenders in our box. As expected, no information regarding ingredients was provided, so we had to make some educated guesses. Ashley was able to eat the hot dog since we know that hot dogs are always soy-free (unless they are soy-dogs), but she skipped the bun (actually the package of buns at the buffet had an ingredient list, so we were able to say for certain that they did contain soy). Ashley also ate the mac and cheese, since it almost always is soy-free, but she skipped the chicken tenders because the breading on the chicken likely contained soy. We also enjoyed some beer and wine. Wine is a great soy-free choice, as we’ve never seen a wine that includes soy. Beer is a little less clear as we can’t find any reason why beer should contain soy, but Ashley has had a reaction to some brands of beer. To play it safe, we stick with beer brands that we know she doesn’t react to.

We were able to find a few soy-free options, so we didn’t need to leave the box to eat. If none of the available box food is soy-free, or there is some uncertainty in ingredients, there are plenty of other food options available within the stadium. Don’t be afraid to leave the box! If you look for it, you can definitely find a soy-free meal option somewhere in the stadium.

Eating in a box at a baseball game is a cross between stadium food and catered food. By making educated decisions about the likely ingredients, you can eat, avoid soy, and enjoy the game. Play ball!