There Is Soy In Your Ice Cream Cone

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When avoiding soy, don’t forget about the items associated with your food of choice. Ice cream is a great example of a soy-free food with plenty of associated items.

Ice cream can be a great soy-free dessert. Although not all ice cream is soy-free (you’ve got to watch out for soy lecithin in chocolate chunks), many flavors are. Since it is such a common dessert, ice cream is an easy suggestion for a soy-free dessert that everyone is familiar with. But, it’s a little more complex than just avoiding soy in ice cream. While the ice cream itself might be soy-free, the toppings and ice cream cone might contain soy.

This ice cream cone contains soy! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

This ice cream cone contains soy! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

We’ve never found a soy-free ice cream cone. After checking in stores and online, we’ve decided that all the easy-to-find ice cream cones contain soy. Pre-made cones of all styles contain soy and even freshly-made waffle cones use soybean oil and soy lecithin as ingredients. Making it slightly more challenging to research, the ingredients of cones aren’t typically listed in a ice cream shop. After waiting in line on a hot summer day, there is immense social pressure not to hold up the line by asking about the ingredients of the cone. To avoid this scenario, Ashley chooses a cup instead of a cone. If you really want a cone, we recommend that you call the shop ahead of time (preferably during a non-busy part of the day) to ask about the ingredients.

Once you’ve got your ice cream in a cup or an elusive soy-free cone, don’t forget about the sprinkles and other toppings. Be sure you know which toppings contain soy (sprinkles, cookies, brownies, etc.) so you don’t accidentally contaminate your ice cream. Ice cream can be a soy-free dessert, but if you aren’t paying attention soy can sneak in and contaminate it through the toppings and cone. Don’t forget about associated food items to keep your dessert soy-free!