Avoiding Soy With Something Else

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A requirement to avoid soy in food, either through an intolerance, allergy, or sensitivity, may not be someone's only food requirement. It is quite common for someone to avoid multiple ingredients at the same time. The methods and best practices for avoiding soy can be applied to other ingredients as well; checking the ingredients, asking about food, and having a general idea of the products that are likely okay to eat can be applied to help you eat with any combination of food requirements.

Avoiding just one food (in our case, soy) can feel constraining, but adding more requirements doesn’t have to be any more burdensome. Since you are already doing the hard work of checking ingredients, looking for another item doesn’t have to add significantly more work. Instead, just be diligent and check products for all the requirements necessary. When we have friends with food requirements come over for dinner, we check our food both for their requirements and for soy. 

Avoiding soy and another ingredient doesn't need to be burdensome! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Avoiding soy and another ingredient doesn't need to be burdensome! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

The two most common food requirements that come with soy are gluten-free or dairy-free. Their requirements overlap slightly with soy, so accommodating both requirements is very do-able. Gluten-free products tend to be soy-free products as well, and common bread substitutes like rice or quinoa are also soy-free. Cooking with olive oil, instead of butter, and avoiding cheese is an easy way to make food that is both soy-free and dairy-free.

Don't focus on what you can't eat when combining different food requirements. Restrictions on top of restrictions can feel like quite the challenge and can easily become overwhelming. Instead, build your food from the ground up. Find foods that you can eat or have fun modifying a recipe to accommodate your restrictions to keep eating well and avoiding soy and anything else that needs avoiding.