Cheese That Contains Soy

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

It is no secret that cheese is a major component of our diet. Especially after we discovered Ashley’s soy intolerance, we tend to eat a lot of cheese because (1) it is delicious and (2) it is almost always soy-free. We use cheese in a variety of dishes, from basic things like macaroni and cheese and pizza to fancy foods like fondue. With our Wine and Cheese Wednesday experimentation, Ashley and I have sampled a number of delectable cheeses.

Cheese is a great option for us because it is so frequently soy-free. We treat it as a safe option for buffets, it’s a good snack, and it is an easy thing to tell someone else to purchase. Basically, we never have to worry about most cheeses. When we do check for soy, it is for cheese with additives. (for example, nacho cheese is questionable because it might include soybean oil.)

Always check the ingredients of every new product, even cheese!! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Always check the ingredients of every new product, even cheese!! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

It is easy to forget that additives can occur in fancy cheeses too. Recently I brought home a “fancy” cheese that had truffles in it. Since it was cheese, I didn’t think about the ingredients at the time, but when I got home and Ashley and I read the ingredient list we were dismayed because the cheese contained soy. The cheese itself was fine, but the truffle paste contained soy lecithin. I was shocked! 

While it was an unfortunate situation, this was a great reminder that I still need to be careful when picking out food. It is still worth it to check the ingredients when picking out a new product, even when that product is almost always soy-free. As I just learned, “almost always” isn’t the same as “always”. So, going forward, I’ll be checking the ingredients of everything new, just in case.