When you are sick, you want soup without soy

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When the weather is cold outside, it seems like the sniffles go around inside too. It's never fun to be sick, and having a cold with a soy intolerance is no exception. It's actually a bit harder because soy is listed as an ingredient in many soups.

When we are feeling under the weather, our go-to meal used to be chicken noodle soup. We’d always keep a couple of cans of it on hand to heat up if we needed. (Because who wants to make their own soup if you aren’t feeling well; it’s so much easier to just empty a can.) But, once we started reading the ingredient labels, we realized that soy is a component in almost all soups. This isn’t incredibly surprising since most broth or stock contains soy, but it is a huge inconvenience! Our “feel better” meal would now make Ashley feel worse! 

A soy-free soup is an important step to feeling better when you are sick! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

A soy-free soup is an important step to feeling better when you are sick! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

To get around this, we always keep some soy-free chicken broth on hand (we get ours from Trader Joe’s). This way we are able to whip up a quick batch of soup, even if it is just broth and chicken. This practice meets our needs, but definitely isn’t the same as having real chicken noodle soup. So, at the same time, we’ve been looking for soy-free chicken noodle soup in a can. We’ve found an option at Trader Joe’s to try, but haven’t eaten it enough yet to have fully formulated an opinion. So far, it's looking like it might work, but we are still open to new products.

Do you have a soy-free dish that you make (or eat) when you aren’t feeling well? If there is a specific comfort food that you look for in these scenarios, try to find it or make a soy-free variety. Having that familiar food when you aren’t feeling well can make such a difference.