A Soy-Free Crunch Bar

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Chocolate is one thing that Ashley and I love to eat. Early on when we started avoiding soy we were elated to find simple soy-free chocolate bars at Trader Joe's. And over the years we've expanded our chocolate repertoire as we've found new products that are also soy-free. 

Soy-Free chocolate candy bars! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Soy-Free chocolate candy bars! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

But the soy-free chocolate that we find is typically "plain" chocolate. Most products are simple chocolate bars that are a little fancier than a candy bar. This type of chocolate is great, but sometimes, we just want to have a candy bar. The good news is that our search for candy has been successful so far: A few months ago we found soy-free peanut butter cups and just the other day we found another type of candy bar: the Boom Choco Boom Ricemilk Crunch!

This Enjoy Life candy bar tastes just like a Crunch bar! It's much more on the candy-side of the spectrum, so it is great to have as an alternative to plain dark chocolate. Enjoy Life products are very allergen friendly, so these candy bars are a great option for people with multiple food requirements. It is great to have other chocolate candy options in addition to plain dark chocolate.