Honey Walnut Shrimp... That Are Soy-Free!

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Looking for an easy meal that is so fancy you almost feel bad for eating it on a weeknight? Look no further than Trader Joe's Walnut Shrimp. We tried this last week and absolutely loved it!

Typically, breaded items contain soy and thus we typically have to avoid them, but these breaded shrimp are soy-free. Hooray! They also come with a soy-free walnut glaze, another rarity in the pre-packaged world. As a result, both the shrimp and the sauce are safe for us to eat straight out of the box. 

These shrimp and soy-free and delicious! - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

These shrimp and soy-free and delicious! - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

We threw the shrimp in the oven (per the box instructions), cooked some rice, and roasted some broccoli to add some color. Just before the shrimp were that perfect golden brown color, we heated up the walnut glaze in the microwave so it was nice and hot. Plate your rice first, and then cover the rice with the shrimp and walnut glaze. Finally, add the roasted broccoli on the side and you've got a fabulous meal! 

It is quite rare to find pre-packaged food like this that is also soy-free. This meal was so easy to make, yet it tasted amazing and looked like a professional chef came to our kitchen. If you are looking for a fancy, soy-free meal that you can cook at home, we would definitely recommend giving Trader Joe's Walnut Shrimp a try! Enjoy!