Soy-Free in the Freezer Section

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Have you ever gone through the grocery store looking for something new to eat? I feel like we do this all the time! Whenever we want to mix it up, or sometimes even when we are shopping for our usual staples, we'll find something in the store and think "that would be delicious to try." Since we have to avoid soy in food, we typically end up making our own versions of these items, but there is one place in the store that we recently found that has a surprising amount of soy-free treats that we love to try: the gluten-free freezer section.

Check the gluten-free freezer section for soy-free options too! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Check the gluten-free freezer section for soy-free options too! - IMAGE VIA PEXELS

Generally, gluten-free items tend to also be soy-free (always double check the ingredient list before buying and eating), so we are no strangers to eating gluten-free products. However, for some reason, we've always missed the gluten-free freezer section in the store. A few weeks ago we happened to open it up for a look and we were blown away by the options! Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, raisin bread, and more! Tons of products that typically contain soy were available as soy-free varieties. We've been trying them sporadically; most of them are quite tasty and good replicas of the original product.

While we know that these types of pre-packaged food aren't the most healthy, it is definitely fun to be able to have chicken nuggets for dinner once in awhile and not feel completely constrained by soy. We don't eat these products too often, but knowing they even exist is such a positive impact. If you are looking for some pre-packaged soy-free food, try checking out the gluten-free freezer section. You might be surprised by what you can find there! (and by how good it tastes)