Kick Natural Energy Bars - Beyond Soy Certified


Key Points: Uncooked Raw, Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Soy Free and most importantly

Calories are one thing but sustenance is another. We know we hit a jackpot when we could eat our own delicious & nutritious bars on a daily basis and feel great. So what is it that makes Kick Natural Energy Bar so unique? The answer is: The ingredients. Three fruits, three kinds of nuts, and four types of seeds (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Dates, Figs, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Poppy & Flax). In other words the ingredients are as-is, unaltered in their pure natural form. The combination of ingredients gives great nutrition with a burst of flavour that goes down easy, giving a long-term kick of energy when needed, without any added sugar or syrups. Kick Natural Energy Bar comes in three flavors (Lemon, Cranberry, Cranberry-Coconut).

There's one little secret: They also have a bar called Kick Bliss Energy Bar. It's the same fruit and nut bar with dark chocolate chips for chocolate lovers. Comes in five different flavors (Lemon Chocolate, Cranberry Chocolate, Goji-Cranberry Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and Coconut Chocolate).


Key Points: Uncooked, Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, and most importantly Balanced

Why Kick Natural Energy Bar over any other Bar?

Who doesn't want to avoid the daily blunder of feeling exhausted while training, and efficiently get recovered after activity? Especially with time constraints, we need snacks and meal replacements that aren't processed, not hard to digest, and causing energy spikes with rapid crashes. We need snacks that are natural and not made from hard to digest ingredients. Kick Natural Energy Bar is packed with necessary electrolytes, macro & micro-nutrients needed to sustain energy levels giving you a kick when you're feeling low. Figs, Dates, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pecans are the ingredients used in KickBar that are high in Fibre, contain Vitamin A, C, Iron & Potassium for daily needs. In today's time and age, raw unprocessed, no preservatives, and being certified vegan is especially important to us, all the while maintaining a taste-bud friendly and high nutritionally yield food.

Why KickBar for runners?


Every active sport, be it elite or recreational, requires some form of running. It is a well known fact that during running lactic acid (lactate) is built up which is known to reduce performance, slow down recovery and cause muscle ache & soreness. The presence of lactate increases the time required to recover from one quality workout to the other. So, the key to enhance performance is to reduce the lactate in shortest period of time while accelerating the recovery. Along with other external techniques used to reduce lactate, nutrition is also important to expedite the process. KickBar's ingredients contain essential magnesium, potassium and other minerals that may help recover after a heavy workout to get ready for the workout. Also, fruits and nuts in KickBar provide essential Carbohydrates and Fibre required before a workout. The most important thing for runners to know about KickBar is that it is a clean energy bar without any chemicals that you may not be familiar with. Knowing what you are eating in today's competitive world is most important for athletes since you don't want to answer questions over something that you didn't know was present in your food.

Specifications and Features: Manufacturer: KickBar® Inc. Weight: 50 grams MSRP: $2.99

KickBar: Our Story

For generations, we have been dependent upon nature to provide us balanced nutrition in our daily lives, up until the last few decades. Fast lifestyles, tight business competition, and aspirations to cut manufacturing costs, lead most nutritional bar manufacturers to produce synthetic bars with unpleasant tastes. As the landscape of natural food has changed to fast foods, the manufacturers totally ignored one aspect of health; That our digestive system still has remained intolerant to artificial foods. Not to blame the manufacturers for providing something that has a demand in the market; An instant kick that every busy modern human being looks for. But at the cost of our digestive system, is it really healthy to eat synthetically modified foods that can still call themselves “made with natural ingredients”? If not, then how do we make it possible to incorporate necessary nutrition in our busy routines? With that question in mind, in late 2016, KickBar came into existence from ancient secrets of strength, recovery, and overall well-being combined with modern engineering of manufacturing without cooking, heating, chemical processing, and unnecessary artificial additives & flavours.


It was summer 2013 when one co-founder of KickBar, celebrated film director, Mr. Sandhu shared the ancient secrets of nature drawn from the knowledge of the Himalayas with the other co-founder who was suffering from gastrointestinal issues and lactose intolerance. The combination of only nuts, seeds and fruits that are high in fibre, contain necessary vitamins, minerals & electrolytes in their natural form happened to be extremely easy on the stomach. While in the pursuit of a World Masters Athletics medal, Mr. Sandhu was doomed by constant calf strains caused by high intensity running. Finally, he found through months of trial and error that good sources of Fibre, Vitamin A, C and electrolytes in natural raw foods help alleviate the soreness caused by calf strains; Keeping the hope of a world medal alive. KickBar contains ingredients such as Figs, Dates, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Pecans that are high in Fibre, good source of Vitamin A, C and electrolytes. In an effort to further extend our gratitude and share our discovery with those who are looking for a genuine gluten free, certified vegan and nutritious snack, an authentic energy bar called Kick Natural Energy Bar was created.

It really wasn't an easy road to form the natural ingredients into a bar without cooking, heating and chemical processing. With state of the art technology developed by the original founder, Mr. Ladislav Paukov, it was possible to put these nutritious ingredients together into the form of an energy bar without any processing, heating or cooking. KickBar is simply a mix of natural ingredients wrapped in a unique and effective packaging. We believe nothing is more important than your health.