Soy-Free Bread at Target

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Since most packaged bread contains soy, we try to buy fresh bread as much as possible. When we have rolls with dinner or some garlic bread with pasta we look for fresh bread options. Trader Joe’s is our go-to place because the bread is tasty, they have several styles, and it is convenient.

This past weekend, our schedules were busy and we needed to change up our processes. We weren’t able to get fresh bread for dinner and instead needed to get bread ahead of time. We were looking for bread a few days in advance of when we needed it, so we were a little worried if any fresh bread would last.

Soy-free options are easier and easier to find - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

Soy-free options are easier and easier to find - IMAGE VIA PIXABAY

In our search for bread options, we looked through the bread available at Target. Much to our surprise, much of it is soy-free! Target even has soy-free tortillas. This is very beneficial because it provides opportunities to eliminate an extra stop on our grocery run. If we are already headed to Target, now we know that there are some bread options available if we need to pick some up.

We didn’t expect this from a store like Target because it doesn’t have a bakery like a grocery store does. Yet, some of the pre-packaged bread was soy-free. This is a great example that it is possible to find soy-free products anywhere. It never hurts to look! And since Target is a nation-wide chain, the bread options can be a great resource for soy-free food even if we aren’t near our usual local stores.

While we still prefer fresh bread, it is comforting to know that Target is an option for bread if we need it.