Where to Buy Specialty Soy-Free Food

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Soy!

Buying specialty soy-free food can be a challenge because these items (things like coconut aminos or palm oil shortening) can be difficult to find, more expensive, and frequently out of stock. We’ve looked online, but these foods tend to be pretty expensive, and it can be difficult to verify the ingredients of any new food as we haven’t seen the packaging or read the ingredient list.



We’ve recently learned about a new website that makes it easy to purchase specialty food products, and we wanted to share it with you: iherb.com. iHerb provides natural products (not limited to food) in a simple online store. As an added bonus, they also include pictures of the nutritional information/ingredient list for the food products they sell. This is so helpful in verifying the absence of soy when buying a food for the first time online!

iHerb also has a specific “snacks” tab which allows you to see only snack foods. While not all of the snacks are soy-free, there are some great options and unique ideas here!

Check out iherb.com for your specialty food shopping needs!